Pousada Recreio da Praia



Experience the Big Island!

An island full of charms, with 95% of its total preserved area, where the forest meets with an emerald sea of the most beautiful beaches of Brazil and the world.

Enjoy this paradise!

The Pousada Recreio da Praia offers an excellent infrastructure, ensuring all the convenience and comfort for you to live unforgettable moments. Besides the hotel has its front facing the sea, a strategic location allows us a great view of the peak Ferreira and Peak of the Papagaio (one of the most popular postcards of the Big Island).

As preservation is synonymous of pride to visitors of the Island, the inn features a fully enviroment integrated with nature, keeping all your lawn plot with a beautiful garden in front of the apartments.


The Ilha Grande is the largest of the coastal islands of Angra dos Reis. The latter is a most famous for its picturesque form of 193 km ² island with hilly and mountainous terrain, whose highest elevations are the Pico da Pedra D'Água ( 1031 m ) and Peak of the Papagaio ( 982 m ). The coasts of the island are indented by numerous coves and peninsulas (bags ), forming several beaches . The vegetation is lush, consisting of rainforest, mangroves and dunes.

The main town of the island is the Abraão Village, with 3000 inhabitants, which concentrates the infrastructure of the island with the health center , primary school, fire department , post office and police. A daily ferry service connects the village with the cities of Mangaratiba and Angra dos Reis on the mainland . The village also has a wide range of hostels, campsites , bars , restaurants and shops for tourists . Besides this , there are some other small communities scattered around the island also endowed with tourism infrastructure.

The economic activities revolve around fishing and especially tourism . The island currently offers many tourist alternatives: boating, beaches with calm waters for diving family , beaches intended for sports such as surfing , nature trails inside the forest at the center of the island , plus some historical attractions.

The island is divided into two parks : Ilha Grande's Navy State Park e Parque Adventurer, and a Biological Reserve : Biological Reserve of Southern Beaches , whose access is allowed only to researchers and persons authorized by IBAMA . The protected areas are intended to ensure the protection of the large reserve of rainforest that still exists there and the varied sea life around the island.


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It all started in 1987, with a small camping area in a time when tourists were few. There were only two small hotels and two small restaurants in the village of Abraham. Then, due to many guest requests the camping created a small restaurant.

The arrival of tourists was increasing and we decided to mount the hostel, we started with 10 rooms, after a few years, we built 6 more. After we demolish the small restaurant we built a bigger one as it is currently and, built 10 more rooms, after a new and cosy reception and finally our recreation area with a pool, sauna and games room. We set up a beautiful garden with lots of green in agreement with the preservation of Ilha Grande, for which we always fight.

Nowadays, the Pousada Recreio da Praia is complete with its 26 rooms, recreation area, reception, all very cozy with a beautiful view of the sea, and in sunny days it's all lovely, as our Island.