Boat Ride

Some of the most beautiful corners of the Big Island can be known through boating. Among the busiest routes are those that lead to Japaris beach - through Blue Lagoon, Parish of Santana Eastern, Sky’s Bag  and Palmas, with an hour walk to Lopes Mendes and stops at Bat Island and Abraãozinho. Most tours depart from the Village of Abraham.
The itineraries of the boat trips are pre-set and can last all day. A stop for lunch (if the script) is also determined by the agency, but in general all have lunch on the beach in Japariz.
Tours to Lopes Mendes and Witch’s Beach and usually faster. Cave of Acaiá or around the Big Island can last up to 7 hours. Get all your doubts before boarding.
Be sure to bring snorkel gear, sunscreen, camera and money on all the rides!

Source: Municipality of Angra dos Reis and site