The surf on the Big Island is practiced in 6 beaches of the ocean shore: Lopes Mendes Beach, Beach St. Anthony, Dois Rios beach, Parnaioca Beach, Aventureiro beach and Demo beach. However, the best place to practice the sport is undoubtedly the beach of Lopes Mendes.
The place is considered a surfers' paradise for its perfect waves for practicing this sport known worldwide.
Another beach much visited by surfers on duty, is the Adventurer, their waves also provide high maneuvers.
The perfect waves of these two places is due to the fact that both beaches are facing the open sea.
Lopes Mendes is so well known and popular with surfers, who a few years ago, organized a surf championship by locals and worthy trophy and cash prize for the winner of the competition. Even Luciano Huck (surfer-carrying) gave a drop by there at the time.