With clean and clear waters , fine weather , is on the Big Island  one of the largest concentrations of shipwrecks in the world, considering that most of them are European galleons which sailed between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries , as the island is territory of battles between pirates , privateers and the empire .
A real trip back in time by the waters of the Big Island !
The prominent places for diving are:
Diving the wreck of the Pinguino in Cove Fort site . One of the most visited in Brazil ;
Diving on the wreck Vapor California, Red Beach ;
Diving in the helicopter , the slab Matariz Inlet Bananal ;
Lage of Guriri in Ponta de Castellanos . Diving under rocks and crevices and cavities * ;
Jorge Grego Island , in front of Two Rivers and Lopes Mendes . This one of the highlights of the Big Island .

* In Guriri , you will find a huge cave with several entrances and cracks , it sunbeams form beams of light and it seems that the cave is braided by light swords .