Peak of Parrot

The peak of Parrot, with 982 meters of altitude, it is the second highest point of the Big Island, just below Pico of Pedra D'Água, with 1035 meters. From the top, we have an overview (about 300 degrees wide-angle) of almost the entire Big Island, the mainland from Angra dos Reis to Restinga Marambaia. If the weather is very open, with no clouds, is possible to see the Stone of Gávea, in the southern city of Rio de Janeiro.
The trail to reach the peak of Parrot is the most difficult of the entire Big Island, because it is dense forest, large in-ground slope and no view of the sky. The land has variations in soil with rocky stretches and several trees crossed the trail. The average time for crossing is 3 hours. Arriving at the top, says the effort is worth it.