Beach and Hamlet of Dois Rios

The beach of Dois Rios is fascinating, its yellow sands is approximately one kilometer long. The bright blue-green waters and waves that are formed in the wind of the open sea, inviting us hit the beach for a swim. It is favorable for surfing and fishing as it is facing the open sea. The region is well served with fish of great quality.
Recognized as one of the most beautiful places on the Big Island, this stunning location was the pivot of recent and past reputation of "Prison Island". This situation was perhaps most responsible for the preservation of the Big Island until 1993 because it inhibited the tourist activity. The local housed the defunct prison Cândido Mendes.
Today the property of the State of Rio de Janeiro, is being administered by the State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ) who set up a Centre of Environmental Studies and Sustainable Development (CEADS).