Lopes Mendes beach

Surfers Paradise, Lopes Mendes is considered the most beautiful beach on the Big Island. Located on the ocean shore, facing the south, the beach is about 3 km long.
Its sand is super thin and very white and is seen for many decades as the most famous of all the Big Island. The sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčLopes Mendes always looks very stirred, conducive to the surf, therefore, it is the beach where this sport is the most practiced.
It is a flat sandy beach and the water clarity is impressive, as well as its variation of shades. No wonder it was voted Wonder of the Big Island first and foremost.
The means of arrival to the beach is given by boats and trails for those who enjoy a long walk. The result is indulge themselves with the beauty of the place.

Credit: City of Angra dos Reis and site www.ilhagrande.com.br