Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon was a nickname given by tourists, inspired by the classic movie of the same name, the lagoon predominant color cyan formed through a natural pool with sandy bottom and some rocks.
Nestled between two islets in the important region of historic Parish of Santana, the place is a geographic aggregate of Monkey Island, whose northern end is the point of the Big Island that is closest to the mainland.
The gorgeous region is one of the hottest attractions of the Big Island can be visited by schooner, boats and launches.
The boats are anchored and visitors can descend to swim, float with buoys provided by the crews, snorkel or feed the fish "sargentinhos" (abdufdef scientific name) with bread crumbs.
In high summer, the region is packed with powerboats, sailboats and schooners and is a great program to be practiced family.